Delivery Time: 5-30 working minutes

  1.  Download sofware.
  2. Enter given by us Username and password , press Login to Check credits
  3. Connect set in Fastboot ( Vol- + Power + USB)
  4. Press refresh - to find device. Check BL (Optionally)
  5. Press Unlock BL 
  6. Voila, BL unlocked!

Tested models :

Meizu 16S M1971
Meizu 16th M1882
Meizu 16th Plus M1892
Meizu M15 Lite M1871
Meizu 16X M1872
Meizu 15 M1881
Meizu 16s Pro m1973
Meizu Pro 7 P25
Meizu Pro 7 Plus
Meizu Pro 7 X30
Meizu M6 M1711
Meizu  M6T M1811
Meizu M8C M1810